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Independent Reserve Studies have also determined that cost associated with replacement can be significantly reduced by adding a maintenance program. These independent studies are available for you to review . The experts agree and the results speak for them self.
To whom it may concern:
Palmia Master Association is very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Fencing
Solutions and its owner Gary Johnson. Palmia is an active senor community consisting of 901 homes and extensive recreation and common areas. We have partnered with Gary Johnson over the past 3 years to address the repair and maintenance of more than 30,000 lineal ft of wrought iron and aluminum fencing.
From 1989 thru 200, Palmia took an preventative maintenance of the fencing by making
necessary repairs and some replacement along with a painting program. During this time,
reserves funds for the future replacement  of the fencing were also accumulated. In 2004,
during the preparation of a Scope of work to replace all of the fencing, We met Gary Johnson and
reviewed his concept for extending the life of the wrought iron with an aggressive maintenance program. Fencing Solutions provides Palmia with a comprehensive study of the iron, Which addressed areas for replacement or repair. They also helped the association prepare maintenance and painting goals covering a 5-year period. Through this program, Palmia Master has saved over 625,000.00. Based on our experience with Fencing Solutions, We would be vary pleased to recommend their services.

Fran Galvin, PCAM, CCAM
General Manager
on behalf of its board of directors